Sunday, April 1, 2012


The clubs of Area K6 in District 87 - The Brunei Speakers' Club, HSBC Brunei Speakers Group, OTTERS TMC and Brunei Advanced Speakers are very proud to welcome you to our Abode of Peace for a magical long weekend of fellowship and learning.

The current Convention Fee is now RM538 / BND225 / USD180 per person until up to the Convention date. More details can be found on the [Registration] page. 

We have group rates of at least 20 pax of RM468 / BND195 / USD155 per person.

The latest update:
  • The latest delegate list as of 23 October 2012. Please see the [Delegates] page.
  • Visual images to the theme "Mismatched" for the Welcome Night!

Experience Toastmasters in a place yet to be discovered and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Bruneian way... we will be waiting for you!

What is a Toastmasters District Convention?

Perhaps you joined Toastmasters a year ago, and you’re happily working through your CC and CL manuals. You’ve attended meetings regularly, enjoying the camaraderie and the learning that comes with the experience. But is that it? Could you be missing something?

If you haven’t yet attended a Toastmasters District Convention, make this the year you discover what everyone has been talking about. Improve your skills through seminars and workshops, learn from world-class speakers and the best of the best in the speech contests and have fun with fellow Toastmasters from all over the world.

The education sessions are designed to inspire and help you develop both your communication and leadership skills. Expert presenters will offer tips and tools that everyone can benefit from, whether learning to lead in the workplace or communicate more effectively in your interpersonal relationships.

You’ll have many networking opportunities, a chance to meet Toastmasters and leaders from around the world, and an opportunity to learn from internationally renowned speakers.